Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Better than rumors"

      With the barbecue season fully underway, BBall news- like water in the desert, is a scarce commodity! I had a thought that we might fire up any of The Panther Faithful wandering around the internet with some news of the upcoming season.

      D3 Hoops has posted the schedule for its Hoopsville (National Invitation Tournament) Classic on November 22-24 at Owings Mills, Maryland. JeffB. has 'TheBoys' in it, one of five teams participating that made the ncaa last year, including three from the Elite Eight at Salem. Midd plays host Stevenson on Friday, the 22nd, with tipoff at 6:00. Saturday is an off day for us, and then on Sunday, Midd plays perennial powerhouse St. Mary's (MD) at 1:00. I have also heard that Midd will open its season on the 15th in a tourney at Franklin&Marshall. Participants are unknown as of now, but it is presumed that TheBoys will get a significant test from F&M, a very solid program, in one of the Saturday slots.

      The other news that is out there is that Kyle Dudley, '09, will shortly join the Midd staff as an assistant coach. It is significant that JeffB. has reached back to one of his Midd players, because Kyle was a big contributor to a nescac championship, and two ncaa teams. He knows what has to be done both academically and on the court for a player to contribute in the Middlebury environment. My take is that it is a plus for us that he'll bring this Midd-specific knowledge to the continuing search for top level recruits. There is also the excitement of having him back on campus, and the enthusiasm that he can bring to the program from the coaching perspective

       Till we get to the preseason report, don't overcook the steaks, and keep the beer very cold.
And remember: "out of Sam Emilo's cooler, over the hill past the golf course, off the rocks at the Old Quarry swimmin' hole, nothin' but net". Be well. Clubbo.       


  1. Good stuff clubbo. Thanks for the heads up on our blog. -PN

  2. Who'd do that? Willing to bet more than a few Otter Creek ales that others perpetually atop the nescac who lost major contributors wouldn't show the bravado of opening the next season, with four games on the road after graduating 3000-plus points, the all-time assist leader, and best defensive player in the country. Oh! Wait. It's Middlebury's Jeff Brown and The Panthers. Can't imagine they're wishing us bonne chance!